Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Because Every Mother Matters

Its no secret to most people that know me now, I love adoption. I think adoption is beautiful and a blessing to both the parents and the children. But what if there wasn't a need for adoption? Huh? What if there weren't any orphans? What if parents were able to stay well and be able to care for their children? I LOVE adoption but I really wish there wasn't a need for it! Last Friday I came across an awesome organization, Because Every Mother Matters, that is trying to help reduce the amount of orphans in the world by helping mothers around the world stay healthy! Isn't that awesome?!?! I also found our that they are doing a fundraiser to fund an ambulance that will service 10,000 people and save 20 lives a month! But thats not it! With this fundraiser they are also donating to 11 adopting families!! Here are the details:

THE CURRENT PROJECT: raise $20k for a 4 wheel drive vehicle, that will save mother's lives, and prevent further orphans from entering the world.
THE BENEFIT FOR ADOPTIVE FAMILIES: If you or anyone you know donates $20 for this cause, you will be entered to be gifted 25% of what we raise thru this initiative, up to $10,000. You could be given up to $2,500 toward your adoption!
if we reach the $10k mark, the rules change a little bit for the remainder of funds... for every $1k we raise, you will be entered to be gifted 50%! if we make our goal of $20k, that is 10 families who could be given $500 toward their adoption!
that is 11 chances to win!!!
WHAT IF I AM NOT ADOPTING? CAN I STILL GIVE? absolutely! if you are not adopting but know someone who is, you can donate the $20 in their name, and they will be entered for the $ gift. if you don't know anyone who is adopting that is fine too, you can still donate toward the ambulance!
FUTURE PLANS: we at BEMM are all about helping mamas. there are women, in ethiopia who need our help all the time. if this campaign is successful, we will do adoption $$ give aways on a regular basis!!!
CONCLUSION: the more $$$ raised, the more $$$ going toward the ambulance, and the more $$$ going toward bringing home a current orphan! it is a win/win for everyone!!!
spread the word! tell your family, friends, co-workers, teachers, barrista, whoever! you only have one more week to enter!!!!

This is such an awesome fundraiser! Can I ask you to donate toward this? This fundraiser ends 9/4 (this Sunday) and they NEED this ambulance to save mothers and babies. If you like you can enter our names in the comment section to add us into the drawing, but if not thats ok, I just REALLY support this! Just go to the link above and click on the "donate" tab. In the "notes to seller" tab enter "ambulance Chris and Abigail Newton"!

You can also get more info from their blog at


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