Monday, July 18, 2011

Blessed Beyond My Worth

I am blessed. Over the weekend I received MANY blessings and I am still processing them. unfortunately sometimes with blessings come attacks too. Today I am being emotionally attacked and it has been keeping from truely appreciating my blessings. I am tired and weak. I feel so unworthly of all the blessings we have received and honestly its kind of hard to write this post because I just keep thinking Im not even worthy enough to write it! But I am blessed!! In the last week it has literally been one thing after another, so much that Im having a hard time keeping track (and remembering to thank!). Some of our blessings are:

  • An order for jewelry which ended up being almost twice what I usually charge because they wanted me to add sterling silver components

  • A donation from another adopting family who is still trying to raise funds for their adoption.

  • Three other orders from our etsy shop!

  • More donations for our garage sale

  • A friend commiting to monthly donations AND letting me know that her small group is praying for another state!

  • Raising $713 during our garage sale even though it rained for most of the 2nd day (people just kept coming!)

  • A blogging mommy friend reviewing one of our etsy items on her blog (check out the Made with Love Event on her blog )

  • A friend hosting a Scentsy party to help us raise funds

  • And all the help, support and prayers from family and friends

So many times during this weekend I felt defeated (like when we had just finished bringing all the donations out into the yard and then heard thunder) but God reminded me that all of this is bigger than me and He could do more than I could ever even imagine. For example, we had 4 pieces of big furniture and no one had even inquired about them when the thunder started. I knew that we could easily cover and store the other items if the rain started, but not the furniture. I panicked, then prayed (ok more like begged) and within an hour each piece was sold! I have more to say on this but I don't think I can write it as eloquently as I'd like right now. Just know that you are loved and God can do more than you could ever imagine! (Oh yeah and check out the Scentsy party!!)


Isaiah 55:8 "My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts" says the Lord. "And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine."

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