Monday, July 11, 2011

Getting Stuff Done and Closer to Home Study!

So now that the initial shock of all the paperwork has finally subsided, Im feeling pretty confident that we CAN do all this and I know that everything is going to happen in God's timing, no matter how fast I try to make it happen. Already we have hit a few "bumps" in the road (medical abnormalities and being tested further, missing documents, etc) but Im strangely ok (after a little prayer of course), knowing that our child just isn't ready yet. I'm excited though because we already have quite a few items checked off the check list! Here's a list to give an idea of what we have finished and what we still have left to do!


  • Proof of home ownership

  • Guardianship Statement Form

  • Birth Certificate Photocopies

  • Marriage License Photocopies

  • Pet Vax Proof

  • 1040 Tax Form copy

  • Reference Letters given to awesome people :)

  • Driver's License copies

  • Reading Agreement

  • Health Insurance Coverage Proof

Waiting on:

  • Chris' Social Security Card

  • Medical Exam form

  • Floor Plan Sketch

  • Pics of Yard areas and home

  • Employment Verification.

  • Home Study Questionaires (all 180 questions each!)

  • 10 Forms to fill out/sign

  • The Rest of the Home Study to be funded

As you can see we aren't doing too bad! Now let's just pray that all our medical retesting comes back ok and they can just write a simple note about it and be done with it! Ok I have more to say but I will write another blog post later!


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