Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Chris is healthy!

During all the garage sale craziness last week, I forgot to update that Chris received a call last week that his follow up bloodwork came back normal!! Praise God!! We are waiting for the doctor to have time to finish filling out the form and sign it (thankfully they have a notary on staff!). Today I went it to get my follow up blood work done and I should know something later this week. Praying it comes back normal and we can move on! Thankfully I have already been told that I was barely abnormal last time and I may just have to manage it with meds...still hoping for a completely clear bill of health though! We are getting closer to being able to turn in our homestudy packet!


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  1. YAY! So excited things are moving so quickly for you guys! One of our biggest hang ups was getting those darn doctor's letters. It took about two weeks until we had them. BUT, that was the least of our worries, so I'll take it! :) How did the TB test go??