Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Newton Family Scentsy Fundraiser - Ends Aug 17

A week and a half ago a friend of mine, who is a Scentsy consultant told me that she wanted to use Scentsy to help us fund raise for our adoption. She mentioned this during the garage sale/rain craziness and I wasn't able to get back to her until later that day. Jonna, being the awesome person that she is quickly set everything up and started the online Scentsy party without me asking and without my help! How awesome is that! I am soooooo thankful to her for doing this for our family. Please check it out, I've heard great things about Scentsy (my order is in route!) and they have a great selection! Here is the link and just join the Newton Family Fundraiser party! https://jonnamcneely.scentsy.us/Buy/SetupPrompt

Also, anyone that orders in the first $1000 orders is automatically entered into a drawing to win a free fullsize warmer!

Remember that the online party has been extended till August 17th, so if you are interested in ordering, get your orders in by August 17th!

We thank you for your support!!


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